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Turkey's Dolsar and Ozaltin agree to help rebuild Ukraine's Kakhovka power station

Ukrhydroenergo officials meet with representatives of Ozaltin. (Photo courtesy of Ukrhrydroenergo)

Turkish firms Ozaltin Holding and Dolsar Muhendislik agreed to help Ukrainian state hydro power producer Ukrhydroenergo rebuild the 351 MW Kakhovka hydro power plant (HPP) blown up in June and construct the Kanivska pumped storage power station (PSPP) on the Dnieper River.

Ukrhydroenergo signed separate memoranda of agreement with both companies but offered few details on the exact nature of the work each company will undertake.

Dolsar, which specializes in engineering consulting, technical supervision, and consulting for large-scale infrastructure projects in energy, transportation, and water management, has worked on more than 200 hydropower facilities in Turkey and 19 other countries.

Ozaltin Holding, a diversified financial and industrial holding, specializes mainly in the construction and management of hydroelectric power plants, bridges, tunnels, highways, and other large-scale infrastructure projects. In 2019, the Turkish company already intended to start cooperation on the building of the Kakhovka HPP-2.

Last month, GE Vernova also signed an agreement to work on the reconstruction of the Kakhovka dam, following similar agreements by Bechtel, Korea's K-Water and Turkey's Dogus Group in recent months.

Repair works needed as a result of the destruction of the Kakhovka facility extend well beyond the Dnieper River dam. The KSE Institute of the Kyiv School of Economics says repair to infrastructure washed out in the flooding, including 290 km of roads, will cost $311 million. Flooding from the explosion also caused $105 million in damage to surrounding industrial sites and $25 million in damage to agriculture, according to the study.

The circumstances of the explosion are not clear, with Russians and Ukrainians blaming each other. The dam was under Russian control at the time of the explosion, which the Ukrainian government said shows the Russians blew it up. However, Ukraine was preparing a major offensive in the area at the time and the Russians accuse Ukraine of blowing up the dam to advance military objectives.

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