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URN Exclusive: Dragon Capital leases out 100% of new warehouse space in Lviv in days as demand runs hot despite war

Ukrainian investment firm Dragon Capital has leased out all of the newly built warehouse space in its industrial park in the western Ukrainian city of Lviv as prospective tenants lined up to compete for space despite the ongoing war, a company official said.

Days after announcing the availability of 14,400 square meters of warehousing built in the first phase of the M10 Lviv Industrial Park development, Dragon Capital is now pushing to finish plans for the second. In that phase, it hopes to develop a manufacturing base in the park, 60 km from the border with Poland.

"Everything went better than expected - demand from the tenant side is really high," said Mykhailo Sakun, the Dragon Capital investment director overseeing the development of the park. "We had a line of potential tenants asking for space. This is not a common scene for Ukraine even in normal times. But, in war-time? Wow!"

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