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UK firms at ‘top of list’ for Ukraine reconstruction deals, unnamed sources tell i newspaper

By Ukraine Rebuild News Staff

UK construction firms will be at the “top of the list” when contracts are handed out to rebuild Ukraine because of their government’s eagerness to help the Ukrainian military against Russia, the British national newspaper known as “i” said in a report based on anonymous sources.

“Unlike in Iraq, where US contractors snaffled the vast majority of the country’s reconstruction contracts following the end of the war in 2011, British firms are ‘top of the list’ when it comes to Ukraine’s post-war redevelopment,” the newspaper reported, citing unnamed “Kyiv sources.”

“The UK was the first to put its hand up to help us. As well as this, the UK has acted first on tanks, on long range missiles and on many other things. The influence of the UK has helped others like the US and the EU to support our defence against the warlord in the Kremlin and the Ukrainian people will never forget this,” the paper wrote, citing an unnamed source close to Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky.

The newspaper didn’t say how the alleged preference for British firms would work, as most of the money for the project, estimated at hundreds of billions of dollars, is expected to come from foreign governments, development financial institutions and other major donors. As Transparency International rated Ukraine as the most corrupt country in Europe before the ongoing war with Russia, the major contracts for reconstruction will likely be largely governed by an international body.

The newspaper, though, also cited an unnamed official close to Ukrainian Prime Minister Denys Shmyhal as saying UK engineering firms such as Balfour Beatty, Amey and Mace could be among the first to join the reconstruction because Ukraine can quickly negotiate bilateral deals with the UK, while talks with the US and the European Union are more cumbersome.

“Such agreements with the EU and the US will, of course, be sought as we need to thank all countries that help us towards our victory,” the official reportedly said. “But these will take longer due to the processes required. With the UK we can pick up the phone and suggest and idea and if they like it then the deal can be done.”

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