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About Ukraine Rebuild Newswire

Ukraine Rebuild Newswire (URN) delivers actionable news for foreign investors interested in the $500 billion reconstruction of Ukraine.

Rebuilding Ukraine will require every ounce of commitment, every bright idea, every hammer-swinging arm, and every penny, cent, won, yen, peso and kopeck that can be mustered.

It is in the realm of bright ideas that the URN offers its contribution - we are the first newswire dedicated not only to a single subject but to a single event.

This tight focus lets us filter out everything our readers don't want. If you compare our news stories to those you find elsewhere on the topic, we are confident you'll see the difference.

'News on the rebuilding of Ukraine. Nothing more, nothing less.'

We are in this for the long haul and we know that trustworthiness and utility are the only things that will keep you reading.

For this, we have an increasingly rare superpower: Ukraine Rebuild Newswire is beholden to the bedrock values of old-school journalism. We treasure objectivity, fairness, transparency, accuracy, independence and accountability.

We think of ourselves as unbridled realists. No rose-tinted glasses. No boosterism. No false political correctness.

That's how we can punch above our weight.

And so, we humbly submit URN to your service. We request that you subscribe to become a Ukraine Rebuild Insider and receive live news on the reconstruction of Ukraine, along with interviews with the people who make the decisions, staff the projects and map the rebuild.

Ukraine Rebuild Newswire is the brainchild of Adam Brown, a foreign correspondent with 35 years of experience in Latin America, West Africa, Eastern Europe and Southeast Asia for The Associated Press and Bloomberg News. His work has appeared on the front page of virtually every major newspaper in the world and he has appeared on CNN, BBC, ABC, CBS and elsewhere from Afghanistan, Kosovo and many other wounded places.