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Most Europeans and North Americans back government aid for Ukraine reconstruction, poll suggests

By Ukraine Rebuild News Staff, Sept 14, 2023

Most citizens of Western or Western-allied nations agree that their government should financially support the reconstruction of Ukraine and that the country should be allowed to join the European Union and Nato, according to a 14-nation survey.

Some 69% say their government should back the rebuilding of Ukraine after the war, while 63% support EU membership and 61% support Nato membership, said the German Marshall Fund, a US think tank that seeks to cooperation between Europe and North America.

Support for reconstruction financing was highest in Portugal, at 86%, followed by Lithuania at 86% and Sweden at 79%. It was lowest in Germany and the United States, with 57% of those surveyed in both nations agreeing to the aid.

The German Marshall Fund surveyed about 1,500 in each of the 14 nations covered by the Transatlantic Trends poll in the second half of June, including Portugal, Lithuania, Poland, the UK, Canada, Spain, the US, Sweden, Turkey, the Netherlands, Romania, France, Italy and Germany.

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